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My Friends 2008 Bonzini World Cup Part4

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Part 4. These are clips of some of my friends from around the world. Some I have known for a while now and some are new friends. Most of them are the top Bonzini players from around the world. Players and countries include: Frederick Collignon, Ellen - Belgium, Petra - Hungary, Zeke Iceman Moore, Eric Fayolle, Lars Christenson - Denmark, Jim Stevens, France, Slovokia, Mike West, Bruce Nardoci, Tom Youre, Pat Ryan, and Rebecca Terry.
And here is what a good friend of mine translated for me:
- 4.05 it was Fabien Mahy, he said :" Hello Jim, I'm Fabien Mahy from Paris. I am a foosball player and Jim Parris he is one of my great friend. I am very happy to see you this week-end, we have spent good time together and I hope I will can see you one more time, perhaps in a USA tournament".